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Cash Handling

Ask the local bank to provide a coin counting machine.
Use an accountant to do money counting, preferably in admin area of school.
Arrange for ‘night safe’ or other security measure for depositing cash during and after fete.
Committee members to be clearly identifiable by badges.
Committee members to be allocated clearly defined jobs such as collecting cash from sites. Use same people so that stall-holders can clearly identify who is responsible for what in the chain of command.
Use envelopes to collect cash from stalls. Each envelope to be marked by collector (committee member) with stall name, time, members name. Envelopes sealed and taken to office. These enable counting staff to easily collate incoming money.
Also enables collectors to boost stalls with up to date tally of how the stall and/or fete is going.
At end of fete the members from each stall should be thanked and informed of how much was made by their stall. Every effort, regardless of takings, should be thanked for effort. Great copy for school newsletter. Especially if all the helpers receive an honourable mention. School should reward special efforts with a certificate signed by principal and school prefect/captain representing the children.
Bookkeeping is simplified by the use of envelopes, as a multiple column page can record on-going collections.
Best to collect notes and leave as much coinage with stall.
Surplus coinage should be used as change, especially toward end of trading to reduce counting workload.
Floats at start of day to be collected by a person from each stall. At this time the stallholder can be introduced to collectors and told of procedure – increases confidence and security.
Stallholder should sign for floats.
Collectors to leave sufficient change for trading when collecting cash throughout the day. Ask stallholder if they require boosting of any particular denomination of currency.
It may be advisable to arrange insurance cover for inclement weather. All insurance needs should be canvassed.


The ideas above are offered as a helpful guide only. Please accept them, modify them or reject them to suit your own purpose. Clients should not act solely on the basis of the material presented here and Smart Amusements does not accept responsibility for any ideas implemented for whatever reason. We wish you a popular, exciting and financially rewarding Fete.