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Fairy Floss Machine

Additional information


53.34D x 34.29W x 1.5mH — Shipping: 68.58D x 43.18W

Power Requirements

240V/50HZ; 2250 watts

Special Requirements

Run off dedicated power point do not use off power board


8 x 15 grams per 5 minute cycle


The 7" stainless steel spinner head comes with a mesh screen containing a custom fitted Incoloy heat element instead of ribbons and bands and reduces maintenance costs. The motor is suspended with compression springs that cannot be stretched out of shape. The cabinet is made with stainless steel welded construction with two handles that make handling the machine easy. This machine is ideal for high volume production. Our machine is equipped to use standard  or regular granulated sugar. Plugs into any standard outlet. Aluminium bowl, bubble and stabilizer is included and is shipped separately. Look in document section of the Website for the following brochures.

Fairy Floss Maximising Profits
Fairy Floss into bags.


$3,950 – COVID SPECIAL $3,600