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Formula O Oil Based Smoke Fluid

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Formula O Oil Based Smoke Fluid is a high quality substitute for use in MDG Max, MDG Max HO and MDG UltraMax Series of Smoke Generators. Due to the fine particle size, a small amount fluid will make a huge amount of smoke. What this means to you is that you buy less fluid, save money and train in a better environment. Formula O, when used properly, has a much greater hang-time and there is almost no residue and if any, it is very easy to clean up.

Formula O also travels very well in ducted systems and when used in a open flame environment, the upper layer will stay obscure for at least several minutes. Formula O Smoke Fluid is colorless, odorless, non-flammable and leaves little to no residues or contamination. All of our fluids comply with the strictest health and safety regulations, and are formulated to extend the life-span of your smoke generator.

Formula O Oil Based Smoke Fluid

High Quality Substitute for use in many Oil Based Smoke Generators

Designed for use with compression and heat based machines

High Quality to enhance the life of fog machines

The closest to "Real Smoke" in Simulated Environments