Inflatable Water Balls

Additional information

Suitable Age

5 yrs+

Number of people

1 person per ball, 5 balls per session, approx. 80 – 100 people per hour

Special Requirements

Water supply reqired close to ride, requires flat level ground


10m wide x 10m deep x 3m high

Area Required

10m wide x 10m deep x 3m high

Power Requirements

1 x 10 amp outlet


Walk, run, roll or float on water inside a plastic bubble. Hilarious fun, offering a unique and thrilling experience which adults and kids will love.

Weight restrictions – Min 15kg – Max 80kg


$2,860 inc GST for up to 5 hrs within Melb metro area (including water) or $2,300 inc GST for up to 5hrs within Melb metro area (hirer to supply 25,000 litres of water)