Laughing Clown

Additional information

Suitable Age

All Ages

Number of people

Special Requirements

Needs Trailer or large van for pickup.


Single 130 H x 54 W x 74 D cms Packed. Operating 130 H x 194W x 740D . Double 130 H x 120 W x 80 D cms Packed. Operating 270 H x 194W x 80 D

Area Required

2 x 3 metres

Power Requirements

1 x 10 amp outlet within 20 metres.


All the youngsters at your fete, fair or festival love to play this carnival game because every child player wins a prize. We supply lots of children's fairground style prizes to start you off. Single and double laughing clowns available. Needs a power point to Turn the heads.


Single $190 Double $330