Trackless Train

Additional information

Suitable Age

All ages – under 4yrs to be accompanied by adult.

Number of people

20 – 400 per hour

Special Requirements

Needs an area away from the events main traffic flow of pedestrians.


7.5 metres long x 2.35 high x 1.9 wide. Train only 2.25 L x 1.2 W x 1.7 H

Area Required

50 metres diameter or a designated route with 10 metre turning points.

Power Requirements



The trackless train seats 20 adults or children and can be operated in any large, flat area. The themed face makes our train more popular than others. Use the trackless train to ferry customers between various parts of your fete, festival or fair. It can even bring Santa to your Christmas party.


$1,045 inc GST for up to 5hrs within Melb metro area